Quality Education

Premier Public School aspires to deliver high quality international education to a diverse student body in a nurturing environment; inspire a passion for learning, foster a sense of wonder and curiosity, to develop, sustain and maintain academic excellence coupled with a balanced holistic curriculum that is relevant to the students’ day to day life experience. Students must become more aware of the relevance of their learning.

We recognize that each student learns differently. We provide a wide range of learning opportunities (field trips, hands-on learning, projects, and various other innovative strategies) for our students and encourage them to be active participants in their educational plan.

Intercultural awareness is INCULCATED by developing student’s attitudes of respect, curiosity and tolerance towards different social and national cultures.

At Premier Public School, the child is the center of the world. And all activities are arranged around the child. The school programme is designed to inculcate global thinking in the children and at the same time strengthening their cultural roots. A meaningful and vibrant education pattern is followed, laying emphasis on self-directed learning, letting the teacher play the role of a facilitator. A broad curriculum of subject ensures wide exposure to children, whereas a range of activities engage the child honing his personality and character. The school is from Mont-I to class XII. The school's Academic Term is from April to March, divided into two terms (Half Yearly Exam and Annual Exam).

As per strength of students each class is divided into three parts accordingly as:








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