Beyond Academics

The fully rounded and balanced education at Premier Public School is more than just intellectual development. It is an education that nurtures the other aspects of growth including artistic, social, spiritual and physical development. Students are encouraged to dream, to create, to question and a sense of identity within our rich and diverse culture.

Purpose of Montessori


·         To help the child gain information from the senses, language.

·         Create love for books in child.

·         Able to concentrate and focus on his/her choice of activity.

·         Development in neuromuscular activities.

·         Impart moral values.

·         Widen Child’s horizon of multidimensional thinking.

·         Groom him/her to make an asset for our nation.




·         Learning by doing methods.

·         Planned activity schedule.

·         Audio-Visual Aids, field trips and excursion.

·         Identification of the strength & weakness of the child.

·         Regular evaluation on different aspects (Physical, Emotional, 

Psychological, Social) development.

·         Every child is unique as an individual, so dealt with patience, persistence and determination.



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