Beyond Academics

The fully rounded and balanced education at Premier Public School is more than just intellectual development. It is an education that nurtures the other aspects of growth including artistic, social, spiritual and physical development. Students are encouraged to dream, to create, to question and a sense of identity within our rich and diverse culture.

Beyond Academics

We at PPS provide right stimulus for the child’s holistic growth. Since, it is the child who is important and not the syllabus. We want to make the learning process, creative and joyful. For this goal we have started with different clubs in our school to understand the abilities of each student and thereafter help them to reach their goal.


 In this students are trained and encouraged to give emphasis on English speaking with their friends and teachers. They are instructed to improve their vocab.



 This club aims to help children to improve their acting skills along with English speaking.



 Since time immemorial music has been embedded in life music has been known to have many positive effects on its lateness. Whether vocal or instrumental, music can be viewed as a form of language or speech. Students express themselves in co-operative setting. Learning to play an instruments has a clear impact on improving intelligence and when children play music together, teaches them about co-operation and working together. 


 PPS believes that dance in an important part of child’s education. Fluidity, balance, flexibility, rhythm and spatial awareness complement and support the musicality of the individual student. They make connections between dance and healthful living. Students explore, perform and create dances from various historical cultural and social genres to increase their knowledge and appreciation of dance.


PPS believes that playing  the game of chess on regular basis improves  the learning.Chess also helps students in improving there analytical power ,concentration and decision making ability.


Martial arts are codified systems and traditions of combat practiced for a number of reasons such as self-defence, military and law enforcement applications, competition, physical, mental and spiritual development.






 PPS believes that playing outdoor games by students keep them active,channelize there energy and act as good stress reliever .Basket ball club helps in achieving the all round development of child by involving them in outdoor games such as basketball.


Volley ball  games being an outdoor game provide students in various benefits apart from keeping them sound physically and mentally.It is the fun way of burning calories .It is a sport which involves well coordinated exercise for various body parts .It helps students to learn to be good team player .It also improves reflexes, balance and hand-eye coordination.



 The importance of sports in the life of a young student in invaluable and goes much further in the development of kids. Sports activities like Football, Basket Ball,  Badminton, Chess, Carrom and many more to provides relation and recreation, makes school life lively and exciting as well as makes student physically fit and mentally alive.


 This club is the place where students learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts through a variety of activities. Students participate in quiz competitions and puzzles conducted in our school and inter-school competitions.
















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