Beyond Academics

The fully rounded and balanced education at Premier Public School is more than just intellectual development. It is an education that nurtures the other aspects of growth including artistic, social, spiritual and physical development. Students are encouraged to dream, to create, to question and a sense of identity within our rich and diverse culture.


In Premier Public School, educational approach developed by Italian Physician and educator Mrs. Anita Sahoonja is religiously followed. Here emphasis is given on independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical and social development. Environment is provided to the child to help and allow him/her to develop independence in all areas according to his/her inner psychological directives.

Mont Section is fully air-conditioned. More stress is given on oral work, for Mont-1 students, there are scribble boards where children scribble and learn to hold the pencil properly. 

Purpose of Montessori

Activities Offered by the School




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