Physics Lab:

The school has a Physics lab which contains the best models made by the students. The lab contains all the material and equipment for the Physics experiments and models. The students are taught to make different type of models and to perform Physics experiments and students also participate in the competitions and win prizes for the school in science fairs.


Chemistry Lab:


Much of the work that chemist do take place in laboratory. Learning how to use the chemicals, equipments and experiments are essential for any future chemist to master. PPS offer lab based classes to help student learn the fundamental techniques of chemistry.


Biology Lab:

Biology provides students with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. Biology lab helps the student to question, observe, experiment with scientific phenomena in their quest for the knowledge of living world. 


Social Science Lab:

Social Science is society oriented subject which deals with our pasts our surroundings and the art of administration. PPS provides a well equipped Social Science Lab consisting of numerous charts, working models. Quiz, exhibitions and group discussions are held regularly.


Maths Lab:

Students are taught many mathematical facts but they are rarely taught what the mathematics process is and how to employ it. PPS provides a lab to help the students the mathematical process by practicing it and train them to think, reason, analyze and articulate logically.


Computer Lab:

Students learning process is significantly richer today because technology based projects are integrated in the curriculum. Computer labs help to create a learning environment in which students are more confident and productive as they engage themselves in projects that empower them to take ownership of their education.


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