Beyond Academics

The fully rounded and balanced education at Premier Public School is more than just intellectual development. It is an education that nurtures the other aspects of growth including artistic, social, spiritual and physical development. Students are encouraged to dream, to create, to question and a sense of identity within our rich and diverse culture.


1.     State of the Art Campus
2.     All rooms are  Air Conditioned.
3.     Well equipped modern library.
4.     State of Art Science, Social Studies,Computer and Mathematics 
5.     Facilities for various activities including Arts, Crafts, Dance and Music.
6.     Well equipped play area for Kindergarten students.
7.     Vast play grounds.
8.     Air Conditioned Auditorium.

9.     Smart Classes.

10.    First aid facility.

11.   Activity room to enhance gross and motor skills of the toddlers.



 Area of School Campus

 Area : In Acres : 6.3, in sq. : 25495.19532, Built up area : 14163.996

Area of playground in sq. mtrs : 8254

Indoor Games : Chess

Dance Room : Yes

Music Room : Vocal and Instrumental

Art and Craft Room

Health & Medial Check up : Yes

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