Beyond Academics

The fully rounded and balanced education at Premier Public School is more than just intellectual development. It is an education that nurtures the other aspects of growth including artistic, social, spiritual and physical development. Students are encouraged to dream, to create, to question and a sense of identity within our rich and diverse culture.

Sports & Adventures


“The key to success is ninety-nine percent, perspiration and one percent inspiration.”
Just because Premier School can boast of having one of the best cricket grounds in the city besides offering its students the best and latest equipment it is not enough to develop their cricketing skills. It does help greatly but what is required is dedication and hard work. With this in mind the cricket enthusiasts are first of all taught to respect their equipment and the field on which they play. Net-practice is held daily under the watchful eye of the cricket coach. Friendly matches against other neighbouring schools are organized periodically.  The School organizes and hosts the inter-school tournament for Sahodaya Complex Schools, of which it is a member.


“It is not winning the trophy but winning hearts that is important”.
We, at Premier Public School, are taught that it is far better to lose scrupulously than win unfairly. These words fill the ears of every Premier Publicite player. Football, in Premier Public School is a very popular sport. The professional coaches play a great role in honing the players’ skills. We, students are divided into two categories viz. juniors and seniors. We are put through physical exercises and drills, besides long runs to enable us to become physically fit and strong. We are also taught all the basic skills required to play the game well. Spot kicks are also practiced and different strategies tried. Whenever the coaches think it necessary the strategies are taught on the blackboard. We take part in inter - school as well as inter - house tournaments.


Chess played every day of the week, being indoor sports they are also played on rainy days. All training sessions are supervised by faculty members and students take great pride in representing their House in the Inter-House tournaments, which are organized annuall.


One of the favourite haunts of “Premiums” is the basketball court situated near the academic block. At any given free time one can hear the sound of balls bouncing off the floor or rebounding off a board. Basketball has caught the imagination of all ages of Premier Publicites. With a devoted and passionate coach to inspire and nurture the talents of the students it is obvious where their passion for this sport originates. Inter–House matches are played with great competitiveness and victory results in revelry. Friendly matches against other schools in Patiala are held which opportunity to interact with others and learn gain valuable match experience. Premier Public school is a member of the Sahoyadaya Complex and participates in all its tournaments.


Yoga is promoted in Premier Public school with the aim of keeping its students physically and mentally fit, besides helping them focus clearly and concentrate well. A yoga display is a part of the Annual Athletics Meet.


“The best form of offense is defense.”
Taekwondo, the ancient Japanese art of self-defense is taught with great conviction at Premier Public School. A specialized coach attached to the District Taekwondo Association is made available to the students and teaches the enthusiastic this invaluable sport. The students are trained to protect themselves should the necessity ever arise, equip them with self-confidence and develop their motor- visual coordination. They are also prepared to participate in the Annual District Championships as well as Inter-School meets. A Taekwondo display is also a part of the Annual Sports Meet wherein the students display their prowess in this sport.

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