Beyond Academics

The fully rounded and balanced education at Premier Public School is more than just intellectual development. It is an education that nurtures the other aspects of growth including artistic, social, spiritual and physical development. Students are encouraged to dream, to create, to question and a sense of identity within our rich and diverse culture.

Activities Offered by the School

Music and Dance:

To develop a musical ear and appreciate music, the school has regular singing sessions for our little ones. To give them an aesthetic blend of rhythm, dance classes are also organized by  our school for these tiny-Winnies.

Story Telling:

Pupils are encouraged to be imaginative and learn values through story telling session. This also helps them to comprehend in English and Hindi.

The Learning Centre (AV room):

The school has a learning centre which organizes computer and multi-media sessions for children. It has a vast collection of interactive compact discs. The children are motivated to be computer savvy.


Saturdays are "Activity days" where children experiment with nature's bounty. Students are taught, how to take care of self and our environment, social graces and courtesies, moral and ethical values.  


The school organizes an orientation session at the beginning of each academic year. Circulars are sent on a regular basis. Parent teacher meetings are scheduled on fourth Saturday of every month. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their children's development and growth and sharing special interests and talents.

Parental Involvement

Parental participation is encouraged in a big way. Orientation programmes are held regularly to create awareness among parents and to highlight the important role they play in their developing child. Parents are encouraged to visit classroom with prior permission. Teachers appreciate parents participation with a special project, reading a story, telling about a family tradition, preparing a snack or sharing special interests and talents.

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