School Curriculum

Students are prepared for the widely accepted All –India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (AISSCE) upto class 12th-Humanities, Commerce & Science Stream conducted by the CBSE with English as the medium of instruction.

At Premier Public School learning is all about having the passion of achieving all round excellence in education.

It’s the duty of any educational institution to keep intact with the pace of changes which makes the concept of education different from the past. There is ample scope for self-expression and expansion at Premier Public School. To meet the requirements of the new generation we offer excellence amenities to our students. We have introduced innovative and improvised facilities in the school almost on all the fronts.

In early years of your child which he spend in Montessori Section, a safe, nurturing environment is created to enable our young charges to learn through exploration. Classrooms are designed to perpetuate the students’ excitement about the world around them through learning corners and play areas.

In Primary Classes i.e.from 1 to 5, school Programme goes beyond Curriculum to ensure they become holistic and balanced individual. We aim to teach them how to express their ideas effectively through verbal, written and visual means of communication.

Equal emphasis is given to all three languages – English, Hindi, and Punjabi for the students to start their journey in becoming trilingual. Character building is also a key part of the curriculum through the variety of co-curricular activities offered at this stage.

At Secondary & Sr. Secondary sections, students' widen their horizons, experimental and integrated learning takes  priority as students begin to sharpen their knowledge and creative skills. Character building continues at this level through classroom and co-curricular activities, which promotes leadership qualities and reinforce independence, teamwork and organizational skills.

As per CBSE Curriculum, Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) & Advanced Speaking & Learning Skills (ASL) are also included in the syllabus. Proper methodology is followed to enhance the learning skills of the students.