English Lab

Premier Public School, Samana is one of the few school of Patiala district, that has adopted the most modern technique of teaching English through the English Language Laboratory.

The English Laboratory offers a variety of function such as Recording. Test Preparation, Student Monitoring Group Conferencing. The main console is connected to about 50 listening booths which has been specially designed for student-teacher interaction and greater concentration for language learning. The English lab enables the teachers to run an impressive range of language learning exercises and activities and support the students individually.

The student console enables the student to listen to model pronunciation or question. It empowers students to work at their own pace and privacy. It emphasizes on speaking skills and phonetics besides the formal teaching of vocabulary and grammar.

The main aim of our school is to make the students comfortable with the English Language. The Children from standard 1st to 4th are taken to the English Lab and taught simple sentences which we use in our daily. Higher classes Standard 5th to 8th take part in group discussion on the given topic. Standard 9th to 12th students are taken for Advance Speaking & Listening Skills, Group Discussions & Debates.




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